Pam Has been painting for many years. Her love of our Natural World always captures her imagination.
She sees a picture wherever she looks.
To begin with it was a hobby. Giving away most of her pictures to admiring friends.
Once the children were grown up, and circumstance created the incentive, she began to make her work more commercial.

Pam has been printing and marketing her cards for about 12 years in Western Australia where they are very popular.
So many friends, family and acquaintances have expressed admiration and asked where they can buy them.
Thus we have created this web site enabling anyone to be able to purchase these beautiful paintings,  in a handy card format.

Please help us to improve the site by spreading the word and buying a few cards for sending to your friends.

All details are handled by Paypal. We do not collect card details. That is securely handled by Paypal.

Painting has had to slow down for Pam recently as the oils cause nose and skin problems. Probably the result of years of exposure.
The good news is that may soon change as She has found  that shorter,

Oil painting Spells, mixed with spells using other mediums, is making a difference.

We expect the results to continue.

She is so excited.